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Vegan Foodie FitTrips©: “Food as Fuel©”

Vegan Nutrition Guide in Chicago, Illinois

At Panther Training, we believe that “Live food fuels a live body.” We are life-long vegans and belong to the plant-based foodie community, and our goal is to help you discover the glorious world of plant-based nutrition.

We do not try to convince or convert you but are willing to educate you about the plant-based nutrition options.

We can help you explore a multitude of options and alternatives, be it plant-based snacks, food, drinks, or clothing and accessories.

  • Panther Training

    We plan several plant-based (vegan) Foodie FitTrips© throughout the year. Come out and tease your taste buds with new and exciting dishes, drinks and desserts.

  • Panther Training

    Secure your spot for a Foodie FitTrip© in our APP under the “schedule” tab.  Https:// and Https://

  • Panther Training

    Chicago has 100’s food options, we found some of THE BEST VEGAN restaurants!! We are GOOGLE LOCAL GUIDES and we’ve got you covered!

Claudia’s Vegan Kitchen

Our founder, Claudia Gunter, owns Claudia’s Vegan Kitchen vlog, which has a wide range of information on plant-based cooking and products. If you want to “veganize” your favorite recipes, this vlog is going to be very useful. Claudia helps you to cook plant-based meals and plan “meatless Monday”.

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